Friday, April 30, 2010

Pirate "costume" update....

So after nodding off for a few hours I ran to the 24 hour Super Wal Mart.  As philosophically opposed as I am to Wal Mart I have to admit they're convenient and cheap.

Anywho..  At 3:30 this morning I was roaming Wal Mart's aisles.  You see some straaaaaange creatures at that time of night in Wal Mart.  Tonite I was one of them.  Picture if you will..  pink flannel pajama bottoms with PINK snowflakes in various shades with a lil' sparkle in 'em.  A BROWN sweatshirt that has seen better days.  My, have GOT to be eight years old, Reeboks and my knotty hair yanked up in a hair clip.  Did I mention not a stitch of make up?  I looked like death.  I didn't care.  THAT my friends is a true sign that one is aging.  When you don't give a rat's ass what you look like in public you have reached the point of no return.

So there I am roaming the aisles hoping to find some bandanas.  None were jumping out at me so I went back to the sewing and craft aisles to see what this crafty Mom could come up with.  At three friggin' thirty in the morning.

I came across small packs of "fat quarters". A fat quarter is a one fourth yard cut of fabric.  Generally measuring 18x22 inches.  I bought a pack of six fat quarters in funky colors/designs and figured they would make do for bandanas.  I also bought a pack of black paper from which I was going to cut eye patches out of.  Guess what?  THAT would prove to be a bit more ambition than I was capable of putting out this morning.  So now I have an extra pack of  black paper to add to the monstrous pile of "craft" stuff I own.

Well let me tell you...  Riley (9) was NOT happy with me for not finding him "real" pirate stuff.  A costume.  Seriously???  WHERE did he expect me to find such a thing on the last day of April in the middle of the night?????  I TOLD all of the kids that they'd have to make do with whatever I came up with.  They said they understood.  They included Riley.  Sydney and Logan were fine with it.  Brendan is home sick so it didn't matter one way or another to him.

So Sydney and Logan happily wore their makeshift bandanas to school.  Riley??  REFUSED to wear his and gave me a look that if looks could kill I'd be dead six times over right now.   I am NOT on his good side at the moment.  Ask me if I care.  Nope. Not one damn bit...  ungrateful little twit can pout til' he's blue in the face.

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