Friday, April 16, 2010

I've stopped crying...

It hit me early this morning.  I haven't cried in over twenty-four hours.  And I don't feel the urge to suddenly cry now that I've made this discovery.  I'm sure there will be more crying.  It's inevitable.  For now, it's not consuming me. 
We've managed to be civil to one another in the last day as well.  No matter what we're each going through internally there's still that sense of familiarity between us.  We catch ourselves doing something that before would have gone unnoticed but is now because it's so normal in the face of what feels like anything but normal. 
Can we live like this indefinitely? I have absolutely no idea.  One day at time.  Baby steps.  It's all I can do. At least I'm not crying every half hour. 

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