Friday, April 9, 2010


A normal person would be fired up, ready to kick some teenage butt right now. I'm laughing. Because there's nothing else to do that will make it any better. At least laughing makes me feel good.

No one is hurt (yet) or dying. There's a roof over my head. My children are relatively normal and healthy. And our family cell phone bill for the month? $1000. Plus. No. I'm not kidding.

Now our cell plan, with five lines, IS pricey every month. But it ain't that pricey. (I'm using ain't to convey tone here, I'm well aware that it isn't proper English.)

When I first saw that number glaring at me from the monitor I was sure I must be seeing things. It took a minute before it sunk in that "yep.. my bill is over $1000".

I immediately called AT&T and talked to a sweet girl named Alyssa. Now I have to take some blame here and I admitted that to her. The offending phone belongs to my son. Now I know how STUPID this is going to sound. I do NOT need to be told just how stupid this is. And that I know better. I know.

Cody, the eldest son, "lost" his phone. But he "lost" it somewhere in the house. He swore this to us. That was before Christmas. There have been no odd charges on our bill in the months leading until now. So I assumed that yes, his phone was somewhere in this house. Probably in that hell hole he calls a bedroom. A room I do not enter unless it's a matter of life or death. And even then I might consider my options carefully. (I'm kidding!!!)

Apparently the phone is not in the house. Because someone has been wracking up international usage charges. To the tune of over $800. Omg... I think I'm going to be ill. No. No. I'm going to laugh. The nice lady at the phone company is working with me to handle this. One way or another it will be resolved.

The question is.. how much blame do I lay at Cody's feet?? He DID tell me the phone was lost. I could have suspended the service to the phone right then and there. But I chose not to, believing the phone was in the house.

Tough call...


  1. You need to know that LOST and misplaced have two different meaning. Lesson learned, my friend? I am sure the phone company with work with you. I have known them to get many a bill dismissed even when the child had placed all the calls themselves. Good luck!

  2. Thanks! We've issued a few ultimatums to the eldest son. He's not all that happy but he'll get over it.