Saturday, April 3, 2010

I'm a talker...

Skip isn't a talker. Have ya' ever watched any of Bill Engval's stand ups? Skip is the husband that Bill Engval personifies in his comedy. He doesn't want to talk. He works it all out internally. I am the polar opposite. I have to beat a dead horse before I reach a conclusion in my head.

I NEED to talk. If I hold it all in the end result is an explosion of nuclear proportions. I'm a faulty pressure cooker. I'm GOING to blow. IF I hold it all in.

So since I can't "talk" to my husband I'm blogging. Lucky you. I'm warning you I may not always make sense, you're bound to disagree with me at some point and I'm prone to mindless rambling.

Consider yourselves vital implements for keeping me from losing what little mind I have left.


  1. if you want my number i will give it im a night owl like u and if you need to vent scream and bitch at me im here you can do it

  2. LOL Michelle - I'm the same way. At least Troy gets that and he'll pretend to listen so that I don't blow up. :)