Sunday, May 3, 2009

National Scrapbooking Day Part 2

After a lot of running around taking care of some errands and "To Do List" chores I finally got around to settling down for some serious scrappin'! In honor of NSD our scrapbooking group held a "virtual crop" of sorts. Our mission? To scrap as much as possible. And also complete some special NSD Challenges by midnight CST (the time zone our group owner lives in). We were given five of them. I managed to finish four of the five and was spent! I tend to spent an inordinate amount of time on each layout so each of these took me 1-2 hours to complete.

One of the challenges was to find a sketch, any sketch, and use it to create a layout. I chose a sketch from the April issue of Scrapbooks, etc. One of my all time FAVORITE scrapbooking magazines. The sketch is pictured below with the layout I created underneath of it.

The picture is of my daughter and her Godfather, our nephew Joseph.

This is the layout I did for the "Quote Challenge". We were to use a quote within the layout or as our inspiration for the layout. I chose the quote.. "The only thing worth stealing is a kiss from a sleeping child" ~Joe Houldsworth. The sleeping child is my son Riley when he was still a toddler. My children have the uncanny ability to fall asleep anywhere and in any position. (They take after their father)

This was for the "Scrap a Song.." challenge. I chose Kenny Chesney's Don't Blink (like ya'll didn't see that one coming considering my OBSESSION with all things Kenny). I chose random pics spanning several years of my children, myself and my husband.

This next layout is definitely up there with my all time favorites. The pictures are from Thanksgiving in 2005. In October of that year my Grandmother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and the chances of her beating the disease were slim. We all knew it would more then likely be her last Thanksgiving with her. I put on a brave face for my children's sake but I remember how hard that day was and yet so very precious to me. I cherished every moment and took tons of pictures so we'd always have them to preserve the memories.

My Grandmother was my biggest fan and the most incredible woman. She passed away less then two months later. I thank God that he gave us the time he did with her and that we were all able to be together for Thanksgiving and later Christmas. She was two weeks shy of her 83rd birthday when she left this world. I miss her terribly and live each day in a way that I hope continues to make her as proud of me as she always was.

I love you Memom.. and I wish I could have just a little more time with you. I still feel your absence as sharply as I did three years ago.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

National Scrapbooking Day!!

Happy National Scrapbooking Day everyone! I've been a scrappin' fool as of late and haven't had much time to blog. Below are many of the layouts I've completed in the last couple of months. All but a few were done using sketches by Becky Higgins for inspiration.

I LOVE working with sketches!! I find I complete layouts much faster and can tweak a sketch different ways to come up with unique layouts over and over again.

All of these layouts were done with papers and embellishments I've had on hand for as long as TEN years! I'm a member of a FABULOUS on line scrapbooking group, Memory Scrappers, and each month we have a "Use It Up" challenge. Our fearless leader, Jenn, "assigns" us several challenges throughout the month and all must be completed using only materials we already have. (Participation is optional) Since Jenn started this I have been much more motivated to scrap and get all of my families precious memories preserved in albums.

I've probably done more layouts in the last three months then I have in the last YEAR! So THANK YOU Jenn for being my inspiration and getting me back into my beloved hobby! YOU ROCK!