Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm still his wife..

I signed onto AOL this morning to see if I had any new, exciting e-mails to read. A foreign diplomat wants to give me a million dollars and Viagra is the answer to all my prayers. So much for new and exciting.

I did however receive a CBS Breaking News Alert. Apparently, in an incident of road rage, a man was shot and wounded on 422 this morning. My husband drives Rt. 422 every morning. Without hesitation I called him to make sure he was ok.

I'm not happy with him, he is making my life more difficult than it needs to be but he is still my husband.

**Let me clarify.. a "driver" was shot according to the article. They didn't specify a man or a woman:o) The point is still the same. :o)

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  1. I heard it was a woman who was shot and they are searching for a white man in a grey Buick Lucerne fleeing the scene. Pete called me after he heard it on the radio. Thankfully, he wasn't on 422, he's been going the back roads to work this week.