Thursday, April 22, 2010

Morning chaos....

The key to getting through a school morning with six kids is the ability to tune the kids out.  I've learned that if I stay on an even keel they're less likely to have a meltdown.  Although the meltdowns do happen.  No avoiding those when you have six self absorbed mutant creatures who are as about as interested in going to school as I am in having frequent drilling done on my teeth without Novocain. 
The seven year old is the worse offender.  His eyes aren't even fully open when he begins his morning wailing.  This will continue, in varying tones and severity, until the moment the side door on the van slides open at the school.  Every. Single. Day.  Without fail.  It's been happening since a few weeks into Kindergarten. 
He has an IEP in place.  He did/does have some behavioral and speech delays.  But the above mentioned melt downs?  Have never occurred in school.  His teacher, speech therapist and other support staff are sweet and listen as I describe these mornings and then promptly make me feel like I'm simply ill equipped as a parent or I'm imagining things.  Because Logan, the 7 year old, is sitting within' a few feet of them behaving like a Prince. 
I get that kids reserve their worse behavior for their parents.  They know we love them unconditionally.  They've heard it enough and have experienced it enough to know they can push us to the brink of insanity but we'll still love them.  But every day???  Without fail??  At age seven?  It's past the point of being ridiculous and has reached the point where I may need therapy to recover from it. 
It has to end right?  I mean... he isn't going to wail inconsolably as we drive him to his first day of college? 
Calgon take me away.  (P.S. You know you're old when you use this phrase and someone looks at you and says, "Calgon?") 

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