Saturday, April 10, 2010

Grey's Anatomy

I know.. WHAT does Grey's have to do with my marriage? Look folks, I can't focus on my marriage 100% of the time. My mind wanders quite a bit despite my crumbling existence.

Odd isn't it? No matter what happens.. life goes on. So.. Grey's Anatomy.

I'd wanted to watch this show regularly when it debuted. I never got around to it. So with the help of the innovative concept called Netflix I have been watching it season by season via DVD and instant on line viewing. (What DID we do before the technology explosion??)

I have fast become hooked. Though I do have a few thoughts.

Meredith. Ok enough already. She's done the whole "I have Daddy issues and therefore am a commitment-phobe.", routine ad nauseam and it is SO old. I wish she'd just marry Derek and get it over with.

Christina. Can you say selfish bitch?? Although it looks like she may be gaining some insight on how to be an amazing surgeon and remain human.

Izzy. God give me strength. I want to slap her ten times an episode. Get off your high horse and come back down to earth blondie.

George. I have no words. WHAT is it about him that has/had THREE hot chicks clamoring to get in his pants? He's... George...

Alex. Hot. Definitely the stuff fantasies are made of. But way too damaged for my blood.

Derek/McDreamy. OMG! Hello!! Meredith just marry the guy or I'm gonna!

McSteamy/Mark. Gag. You ain't all that and you do look sort of like my best friends father. Back in the day.

Addison. I love to hate you. Sometimes I catch myself just loving you. But I still wanted Derek to pick Meredith.

Lexi. I'm not sure where she falls at this point. So far.. I kind of like her.

I'm about one quarter of the way through Season 5 so I'm getting close to being "caught up". I'm going to work on catching up with Brothers and Sisters next followed by Bones.

If ya' haven't figured it out I'm a TV junkie. Summer is coming. Summer means a whole lot of my favorite shows are going to be in reruns. I don't like reruns. I'm a night owl. I rely on the recorded programs on the DVR to keep me entertained when the rest of the world is asleep.

Enter Netflix. While the networks are broadcasting reruns and probably a lot of dumb reality shows I'll be cruisin' my way through whole seasons of unwatched programming via DVD's from Netflix.

After midnight of course.


  1. Never got into that show. And you haven't been reading much lately?? Would love hear your review of a few great books. Care to share in a blog sometime? May your sleepless night have a good story to read or at least something here on fb to help you make it til dawn. Loving your blogs. Hugs again!

  2. One that stands out is Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah. AWESOME book. With an ending I didn't see coming. :o) I'm in between books at the moment. I have several in my "To be read" pile.