Tuesday, July 20, 2010


How hard is it for people to mind their own effin' business???? Unless I ASK for your opinion of me or my life please don't assume that I am just yearning for you to share said opinions with me. I'm not.

I have a very select group of friends that I call my inner circle. Some are strictly on line connections but I have been connected to them for as many as a dozen years. Some are real life friends whom I see on a regular enough basis.

One would think that something I refer to as my inner circle would require stellar personalities and moral compasses. Eh.. I prefer someone be a good person, trying to live a good life and that they take care of their own business. Aside from that I'm flexible. Oh and did I mention this candidate and I have to click.

Therein lies part of my problem. I don't click with all that many people. AND I am more apt to click with men. There's nothing tawdry or unsavory about that. I simply relate better to men. They're simple and sometimes stupid creatures but they're not going to get pissed off at you because you weight thirty pounds less than they do or you happen to be wearing the same shirt.

So this inner circle. These are the people I trust implicitly. The people I turn to when I need to scream and cry. Or when I want to giggle and laugh. I'm content with my small circle. I don't need a ton of friends. Personally I think too many best friends leads to confrontations and hurt feelings. And sharing too much of yourself with too many people can have far reaching consequences one can't even begin to fathom in the moment.

Apparently I must have, on a subconscious level, led someone who shall remain nameless, to the conclusion that I was interested in their rather harsh opinion of me. Imagine that.

Now I respect everyone's right to their own opinions and beliefs. Even when they pertain to me. But I find it unnecessary to be subjected to these opinions. Particularly from someone who really doesn't know me. So in true sarcastic, humor laced Michelle fashion I calmly informed this person that I really didn't see any reason why I needed to defend myself to her but I'd play along. (I'm paraphrasing and abbreviating here)

Well.. my goodness. I hit a nerve. She responded with venom spewing. If I hadn't been so flummoxed and amused by her behavior I may have been insulted. And maybe I was. Just a teensy bit. So I told her in so many words to shove her opinion up her ass and to have a wonderful night. :)~ (And yes I added the smiley face with the tongue.) May as well maintain a high level of sarcasm for my little buddy.

Sweetie... let me reiterate. Please remove your head from your ass and then stick your baseless opinion of me up there instead.

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