Saturday, July 31, 2010

Girls Night

I'm babysitting tonite. My best friend Deb's girls. Ashley is fourteen and Shannon is eight. I brought my daughter, Sydney with me as well. She's ten.

We went to MikkiD's for dinner and then stopped at Michael's to pick up some adhesive refills for our scrapbooking adventures.

We never got to scrapbooking though. I'd brought along my bottle caps and jewelry making "stuff"with me. I figured I'd work on those when the girls went to bed. They however found the prospect of making bottle cap necklaces much more interesting. Before I knew it they'd each picked out a dozen or more bottle caps that they wanted made into necklaces.

I ended up putting together thirty-five bottle cap/ribbon necklaces. Only I left my split ring tool at home. So I did this with my fingers. My fingers are now numb. :) I do have to say the girls did help a bit. But the split rings proved to be a little too difficult. Ashley eventually managed a few though.

We also listened to music, talked, danced around, talked some more and Ashley thought it a good idea to make up business cards for me so when she gives her friends their necklaces she can give them my card. Industrious kid so I let her have at it. :)

Shannon had me in stitches much of the night. This kid is a PIP! I don't really know the definition of the word pip, though I think it may be in reference to Pippy Longstocking, but I could be wrong. That does occasionally happen. :) Mom and Aunts used to use it all the time so...

Shannon decided I needed knitting lessons. So using one of my knitting needles and an old sock she proceeded to "teach" me how to knit. It was interesting. Later, when I said to her that she was looking a little tired she put one hand on her hip, wagged her finger at me while doing the head bob thing and said, "I've stayed up until midnight before. Annnnd I didn't fall asleep until one o'clock in the morning.". Her tone of voice clearly added.. "so there". Ha! She kills me.

We finished off the night with Auntie Shell agreeing to buy a few (ok a few more than a few) songs via iTunes. I added them to iPods and burned them to CD's and had three happy little campers.

They're in bed now. Though I doubt asleep. I'm sure they're whispering and giggling like little girls do. I told them as long as I didn't hear them and they didn't do it for too long it was ok. It's a slumber party ya' know? :)

We had fun but I am quite ready for some silence and solitude. I'm just not sure if I'll hunker down with a book or spend some time cruisin' the Net.

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