Sunday, July 18, 2010

Daddy Update...

Mortality stares ya' in the face when you realize your parents won't be hear forever.

My Dad is in the hospital again. He's been there since Friday. He had an episode at work Thursday evening. He should NOT have been at work but he is a STUBBORN man. (That's where I get it from..) He drove himself home and probably shouldn't have. Again, he's stubborn.

He decided not to go to the ER and just see his PCP the next morning as planned. The PCP took one look at him, looked at the records from the hospital and promptly sent him off to the ER. The ER doctor was stunned that the previous doc (at a different hospital) had sent my Dad home in the first place.

A cat scan showed more than one clot in his lungs. A blood test done at the first hospital had revealed elevated levels of something I can't pronounce or spell nor can my mother. However this level was back down to zero as of Friday so it seems to be less of a concern to the doctors right now. BUT.. elevated levels of this, whatever the hell it is, can be an indication of a problem with the heart.

They'll be doing an echocardiogram in the morning to see if there are any indications that there are clots in his heart. The thought of which terrifies me and I haven't even looked that possibility up yet. They can't do a cardiac cath because of the blood thinners he is on. Which he will apparently be on for three months.

Now mind you I'm getting my information second hand and I do intend to try and speak with his doctor(s) at some point. The kids and I will be spending a day at my parents place this week. I offered to just bring one or two kids but they want them all, if they're willing. I have a feeling they will be. Should make for an interesting day.

So.. that is where things stand right now. I will update as necessary:)

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  1. Hey, I know first-hand about Dads & their heart issues. Sending healthy thoughts his way.