Friday, May 21, 2010


I seriously wonder about my oldest child at times. He's seventeen and a half. He'll be a senior in high school in the fall. And he has absolutely NO ambition beyond eating, sleeping and hangin' with his friends and girlfriend. The boy worries me.

Yesterday afternoon he and some friends played basketball. My son, being the brilliant genius he is, decided to play basketball barefoot. He ended up with two large blisters on the bottoms of his feet. Now instead of waiting until he got home to consult me before trying to remedy the situation himself he listened to his friend who told him to pop and peel the skin from the blisters. That this would 'help'. Can you say dumber than dirt??

So he spent last night hobbling around on his heels. A sight I find highly amusing and can't help but collapse into giggles watching him. I know.. I am sick. I get it from my mother. While I was growing up if my poor father stubbed his toe on the leg of a table or the foot of the bed resulting in him hopping around on one foot cussing under his breath, my mother and I would desperately try to hide the shrieks of laughter struggling to escape our lips. My Dad would get SO mad at us! He knew we were laughing at him. He'd yell at us and we'd laugh all the harder. I told you.. we're sick! LOL!

So this morning before sending my poor, occasionally senseless child, off to school I had to slather Neosporin on and bandage his feet so he could walk with slightly less pain. I managed to do this without laughing at him like a hyena.

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  1. It's called natural consequences. I do the same thing with mine, laugh or just give them the LOOK when they complain about an injury due to something stupid they did. Umm, sorry, I have no sympathy for stupidity.