Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rainy day...

I actually like a rainy day now and then. And this one couldn't have arrived at a better time. I'm PMSing. I'd dub it moderate PMS. In other words... I'm not psychotic.... yet. :)~

I am, however, a touch punchy, feeling a wee bit evil and just a liiiiiiiitle fatigued. This means.. tread lightly around me today. The correct response to any query by me is "Yes dear/Michelle or bitch if ya' desire. So long as yes precedes it. Just sayin'... :)~

No really.. I'm not that full of myself. :)~ I AM PMSing though.

Have I mentioned that once a month I really curse the fact that I'm female? The rest of the month I enjoy being a girl. :)

Sydney is supposed to have a game today. But it's raining. I'm actually grateful for this. It means the girls won't cheer. I know.. I'm an awful Mommy. But really with PMS rearing it's ugly head it's best I steer clear of the home front as long as possible. He and I have reached a cautious cease fire. I don't want to chance tipping the scales. So as long as the girls don't cheer I don't have to rush home from Deb's. :) Yes I am being selfish. I'm allowed to once in a while. Someone I trust said so. :)

So barring a sudden parting of the clouds and bright sunshine breaking through my ass will be planted at Deb's kitchen table for a few more hours. :)

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