Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's time...

I'm not quite ready to blog about school :).. For no other reason than that I'm too excited to get anything into something resembling coherent sentences.

However.. I thought it time to do something sort of symbolic. (Boys.. stop laughing. I AM a chick.)

It's time to retire my husband's rather unflattering nickname. He is no longer the buffoon. I'll call him Skip again.

Little side note here... when I was first approached by our mutual friend about meeting Skip my immediate thought was "what the hell would I want to go out with a guy named Skip for???" I'd also sworn off men after the very recent break up with my fiance. So I declined the meeting. The mutual friend made it happen anyway and the rest is history. Anywho.. the point of this rambling is this... I probably should have stuck with my first instincts here. Sorry Skip. :)

Now I have no doubt that at some point in the rest of our lives, because we have to be a unified front for our kids, he will piss me off. He's a guy. Need I say more. And I may revert to "the buffoon" when that happens.

He and I had the most productive conversation a few hours ago. It wasn't an easy conversation but it was productive and civilized. Not once did either of us raise our voices. That in and of itself is miraculous. We've ended almost every exchange with an argument and yelling in the last nine months.

I'm not going into the details because no offense folks but.. it's none of your business. I say that with affection. :) But we came to some agreements and clarified some things. And reached a compromise that we probably should have reached seventeen years ago.

So tonite I feel really good, really confident and just a little bit anxious. Which I personally think is a good thing. Keeps me on my toes. Never get complacent or so comfortable ya' start slacking.

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