Saturday, September 4, 2010

Girly weekend...

This morning Sydney and I loaded up the car and made the thirty-five minute drive to Deb's house. Slumber party. The one we'd had to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances over the summer. We'd told the girls that we would have it "after school started". THEY heard "the weekend after school starts". So here we are. It was easier to do it than deal with miserable tween and teen girls all weekend.

The girls are asleep now. Pete is on the couch watching TV. Deb and I are in the kitchen. Her on her lap top. Me on mine. We were talking about a VERY girly matter. One I'm not comfortable discussing in a public forum. The subject matter isn't important anyway. :)

During the course of the conversation we got a little giggly. As Deb and I do. I was working on a formula, for lack of a better word, and it was a little silly. Well... a lot silly. Our giggles turned to shrieks and before long neither one of us could breath and I was choking on pure air. My cheeks hurt now and my stomach muscles feel a little tight. Unfortunately my abs don't look the part. :)

We'd shriek for what felt like ten or fifteen minutes but in reality was probably less than five. No sooner would we calm down and catch our breath one of us would say something, a word or phrase and we'd start over. Or we'd just look at each other, one of us would smirk and we'd collapse into laughter again.

I think, in all, it took us at least fifteen minutes to catch our breath for good.

Of course, I just giggled writing this. Thinking about something I'd said and then Deb started to chuckle because she KNOWS exactly what I'm thinking. :)

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