Thursday, August 5, 2010

Toddlers and Tiaras...

So…. I have a confession…

I watch Toddlers and Tiaras on TLC.. I don’t condone pageants that have very little girls made up and dressed up to look like little adults. (I know that statement will piss someone off somewhere but touche.) I watch the show for the same reason we all slow down to gawk at the scene of an accident. It’s too horrifying to look away.

So I’m watching an episode right now. As usual I’m blown away by the behavior of some of the MOTHERS. I mean some of the kids are bad enough but their mothers??? Dear God.. I’d have to bitch slap a few of them just on principle.

One Mom is going on and on about how all of her daughter’s dresses and costumes are handmade as the camera pans her FIVE year old daughter’s pageant closet. A quick glance and it’s easy to see there are AT LEAST twenty different dresses and assorted costumes. And Mom says, “Every one of her dresses cost anywhere between five and ten thousand.”, in the most nonchalant tone of voice. I about choked. Dollars??? I rewound it (gotta love DVRs) and listened a second time just to make sure I’d heard correctly. I had.

Who the *^$! spends THAT kind of money on a dress or costume a child MIGHT wear three times MAX??????? Who the hell spends that kind of money on ANYTHING a CHILD is going to wear? Once or one hundred times?

As if that wasn’t the height of stupidity another Mom is prattling on about how she teaches her daughter that it’s what on the inside that counts not how a person looks on the outside. Oh really? Note, right behind her said daughter, age 4, is getting a facial, acrylic nails and there’s a spray tan on the schedule. I’m sorry. On what planet is that normal????

I know every pageant Mom (and/or Dad) has some reason or reasons that they think are perfectly plausible reasons to dress their three year old up to look like she's twenty-five and have then prance about some stage shakin' their booties for a crowd.

I think they're all full of it. Just my ever so humble opinion. :)


  1. Completely full of it!!!!!!! They actually make me ill watching them do this to their daughters. Psychologically it is going to really play a part as they grow up. And they are all BRATS already bc of it. Ugh, just, ugh!

  2. I SOOOO COMPLETELY an dutterly agree with you..OMG< it is horrendous. People have tried to convinvce me to do it with Carlie, HELL NO! I can NOT imagine spending that kind of money for a Beaty contest, taht she MIGHT win money as a prize... oh and those mother's i'd have a bitch slap field day!

  3. ROFL... that show is SUCH a trainwreck sometimes, isn't it? My entire wedding (dress included) didn't cost five thousand dollars... :)

  4. LOL! It blows me AWAY! This one little girl, all of three or four I think, was SUCH a little BRAT! But it was hilarious because honestly the kid had more sense than her mother. Oh aside from the pacifier in her mouth that she walked around with almost non-stop.