Tuesday, August 3, 2010


It's happening. She's turning into a snot nosed little tween. I'm referring to my darling diva of a daughter. She's taken to plastering her room with posters (of boys) and spends an inordinate amount of time dancing around her room with her iPod cranked. She gets indignant if her father or I DARE to enter her room without knocking.

Upon seeing her bedroom walls (recently painted if you remember) her Dad said "Did she do this?" I said, "Yup.". He said, "By herself? No help from you?". Me, "By herself. No help from me." Him, "Oh boy...". As angry as I am at him right now I have to feel a little sorry for him as he faces the reality that his little girl is growing up. He's dreaded this since the day she was born. I should probably tell him that no matter what she'll always be his baby girl. But I'm not feeling that sorry for him.

I'm sort of excited about her growing up and at the same time I'm nostalgic. I miss the tiny little girl with the Charlie Brown cheeks who used to snuggle with me every chance she got:*(

ALL of my babies are growing up:(

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