Friday, August 6, 2010

The Inner Most Thoughts of Riley...

The other night I was sitting in my room, curled up on my rocker, reading a book. It was pretty late but I knew some of the kids were still up watching TV in the living room. I heard the distinct wailing of my seven year old and what sounded like a small herd of elephants coming up the stairs. Brendan (12) and Logan (the 7 yr old) appeared in front of me.

Brendan is all diplomatic and proceeded to explain that Riley(9) hit Logan. Evidence of this is visible on Logan's back in the form of an approximately two inch long welt. I comfort Logan and ask Brendan to please have Riley come upstairs.

Logan's tears dry swiftly. Probably in anticipation of what he assumes will be Riley getting in trouble. Brendan comes back up the steps with Riley, looking like he's none too happy, in tow. I send Brendan and Logan away and face Riley.

Now, ya' have to know Riley and know that this kid can go from happy and carefree to ticked off in 1.6 seconds. He stands in front of me with this look on his face that clearly says, 'Mom. I am NOT in the mood.". I talked to him quietly for a few minutes. At first he adamantly denied laying a hand on Logan. With a little more cajoling I got him to fess up. I asked him why he hit Logan. With a totally straight face he looked up at me and said,

"He was pretendin' I couldn't hurt him. So I gave him something to pretend about."

I have no idea how I kept a straight face. The urge to burst into uncontrollable laughter was nearly overwhelming. Only Riley could come up with an excuse like that and say it without blinkin' an eye. The little bugger knew I was trying not to laugh too. I could see the twinkle in his eye and the smile he was desperately trying to hide.

The little twit. Look out world.. here he comes.

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