Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Tennee" Girl

My dog, Tennessee (Tennee girl, Tennee) has always been attached to me. But lately she is literally at my side at all times while I’m in the house. She follows me from room to room and sometimes from one side of the room to the other as if she’s afraid she’ll suddenly lose sight of me. I don’t know if she senses the stress, sadness and anxiety in me or if she’s just feeling insecure??

It’s sweet. For the most part. Although there is something disconcerting about opening the shower curtain to find her staring at me expectantly. She will whine incessantly if she can’t find a way to get next to me on the couch. Let me rephrase that. She will whine incessantly until she finds a way to be practically on top of me on the couch. She will press the length of her body tightly against me or sprawl half of her body across or around me. Even if she has to crawl behind me to do it.

When I go into the bathroom, she goes into the bathroom. When I walk from the living room to the kitchen, she hops up, sometimes from a dead sleep complete with human like snoring, and follows me.

When I go up to bed at night she comes with me and sleeps either next to me or at my feet. If I move too suddenly she startles and watches me intently to make sure I’m just adjusting my position and am not about to leave her all alone in the bedroom. Which is apparently a horrible thing because she will NOT stay up there without me or Sydney.

My bedroom is on the third floor and used to be a walk up attic. Tthe steps leading up to it end in the bedroom. If I’d get up, walk down to the bottom of the steps to flip the switch that will turn the fan/light above my bed on, she would follow me to the bottom of the steps. She’s learning now though. Now she simply hops off the bed and waits at the top of the steps to see if I’m coming right back up or if I’m heading downstairs. If I do, you guessed it, she follows me. If I head back up t he steps instead she waits until I’m practically on top of her before she trots back to the bed and hops up on it.

She’s just a foot or so away from right now. With a look on her face that clearly says she’s knows I’m talking about her. :)

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  1. My friend's dog did the same thing when she was having marital problems. She was either sitting next to (on top of) Mama or waiting at the door for Daddy to get home.