Thursday, November 11, 2010



I'm working my way through a large pile of boxes in my bedroom. Boxes of old books, magazines, clothes, etc. They've been residing in the unfinished portion of the third floor. A large "closet" if you will. Some of them have been there two or more years. I got a bug up my butt this morning to get a lot of them out of here today. I've made quite a dent in the pile.

The kids are scattered about the house doing their thing. I check on them periodically, particularly if it gets too quiet, to make sure no one is bleeding and nothing is on fire.

Just minutes ago I heard the distinctive wail of Logan. From the tone I could tell he'd been hurt in some physical way. Now I couldn't have told you at that moment if this would manifest itself in nothing more than a bruised ego, or a bloody nose. Because Logan wails with the same intensity no matter which it is. I suspected, as it is more often than not, to be the former.

It was. However, it was still necessary to have a chat with the perpetrator. Riley. He'd hit Logan in the face. So said (sobbed) Logan, though there wasn't a mark on his face. Knowing Riley, it had happened but I never know for sure. Riley arrived in front of me stoic, admitting his guilt and ready to explain to me why he had to do it.

Me: "Riley... what have you been told about putting your hands on someone???"

Riley: "He was askin' for a fight.", said in the most matter of fact tone of voice. As if I should already know this.

Me: "I'm sorry? What??" (as I struggle not to burst into giggles because really, you should have seen this kids' face when he said it.)

Riley: HE was askin' for it. If someone wants a fight I'm not going to deny an act." (swear to God that's what he said)

Me: Riley... even if someone is "asking for it" you do NOT put your hands on them. You find me or Dad or another adult and let US handle it."

Riley: "Mom!", said with firmness but not shouted, "I am not going to deny an act."

Me: (knowing full well this could go on for hours and honestly not sure what the hell he was trying to say) "Riley!! Keep your hands to yourself!! It's that simple!" (but I'm laughing out loud now and he knows he's got me)

Riley: (huge sigh, muttering) "He wanted a fight.", and walked down the steps, sliding his eyes up and grinning his evil grin at me.

I gave him "the look" in return and that sent him scurrying. But he'll hit someone again. And I'll primand him again and... Good Lord. Logan is wailing again already!

Calgon take me away.

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