Monday, December 6, 2010

Oh yay...

Isn't going to the doctor supposed to lead to feeling better??? Yeah... no. Not when said doctor prescribes Albuterol four times daily via a nebulizer. Oh... my... GOD!! This crap makes me feel WORSE.

So now in addition to my entire body aching, fevers, chills, my head and ears so clogged I can't hear a darn thing and a harsh cough, I have the shakes, nausea, a racing heart and this permeating sense of anxiety that makes me want to climb the walls. Difficulty sleeping is yet another side effect. Faaaabulous. (insert eye roll) I already have enough trouble sleeping.

Oh and just for giggles? The antibiotic she prescribed, Zithromax? Tears up my stomach causing sharp cramping on top of the nausea. Thank GOD I only have to take that once a day.

Have I mentioned I hate being sick????? Blah!

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