Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Playing with pictures...

I went from 35 mm film to digital eleven years ago. I have never looked back. I love the freedom a digital camera offers me. I can see my pictures before I ever spend a dime to have them printed.

I can also use Paint Shop Pro (a photo editing program) to fine tune pictures or alter them completely. I can change then to beautiful black and white photos, nostalgic sepia tones or even add frames and graphics.

I've been using PSP for almost as long as I've been using a digital camera. I started out with a free trial version and purchased the full program about two years ago. I know I haven't discovered even a quarter of what I can do with this program but I'm learning and discovering as I go.

One of the techniques I love is turning my pics to B&W and adding a pop of color. Pics like these are perfect for framing or using in scrapbook layouts.

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